This Startup is Like Airbnb for Doctors

Chicago-based startup Clineeds can be described as “ Craigslist,” but for doctors.

Namely, the relatively new website enables health care professionals in select cities to rent out any extra space within their practices that they’re not using, ChicagoInno reported. Currently, the platform is live in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco and New York City.

The company currently has more than 450 clinics listing space on its website, and more than 4,000 doctors, therapists, dentists and other health care professionals have used Clineeds to look for office space.

The website is most highly trafficked in California and New York, where real estate is the most costly, co-founder Rishi Garg told ChicagoInno.

To date, Clineeds has granted physicians access to over 1 million square feet of commercial health care real estate that would not have been available otherwise, according to Garg. The majority of leases facilitated on the site are for between six months and one year.

Additionally, Clineeds provides a way for retiring doctors to sell their entire practices, which is something that has historically been tough for health care professionals to accomplish on the Internet, Garg said.

The idea behind Clineeds is that health care organizations are building clinics and hospitals at a fast pace—and eventually that will result in empty, unused space, Garg explained.

“Imagine trying to rent surgical space on Craigslist. It just doesn’t work,” Garg told ChicagoInno. “We give them an opportunity to generate revenue off these assets.”

Read more about Clineeds here.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson



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